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The Pulse of the UK’s Medical Device Technology Industry

18/07/17 Daniel Saddi Associate Director

No industry moves faster than Medical Devices and Medical Technology. Be it regulatory changes or product development, this continues to be a booming industry. According to Invest in Great, The UK is the third largest market for medical technology in Europe, worth around 7.6 billion GBP. The UK’s medical technology sector employs nearly 115,000 people and the UK has the highest number of skilled engineers and researchers in Europe.

The UK medical technology sector is a thriving ecosystem of researchers, scientists, engineers, designers and NHS clinicians working in an established industrial base. Together they drive the path of novel technology from innovation, through the process of design and manufacturing, ultimately to the patient.

There are approximately 3,700 companies in the UK’s medical technology sector, 98% of them are small to medium-sized enterprises. The sector generates a turnover of 21 billion GBP producing a vast range of medical devices and diagnostic technologies.

The fastest growing segments of the UK industry by revenue are:

Medical imaging, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%
Vitro diagnostics (CAGR 7%)
Drug delivery (CAGR 7%)

The fastest growing segments by employment are:

Digital health (CAGR 28%)
Drug delivery (CAGR 23%)
Single use technology (CAGR 19%)

The UK offers the opportunity for medical technology innovators to:

Conduct research and development based on unmet clinical needs, matched to gaps in care
Design, prototype and manufacture, with iterative development
Test efficacy and prove clinical utility through clinical studies
Validate products and gain regulatory approval
Demonstrate value through health technology assessment and partnership with the NHS
Unlock global market opportunities by using an evidence base generated in the UK

Examples of innovations that are expected to create market opportunities include:

3D medical printing is expected to develop and find implementations in several segments of the medical industry
Development of minimally invasive surgery by robot technology in combination with endoscopic techniques. 
Involvement of medical devices producers in the development of biotechnology
Replacement of reusable devices by disposable devices such as surgical instruments
Application of nanotechnology; for instance, semiconductor manufacturing techniques, in medical devices

Finding your career or hiring your next employee within such a fast-moving market continues to be a challenge. Redline Group has a team of expert contract & permanent recruiters and ex-industry professionals to help you find your next job in the medical device and technology sector.

Medical Device professionals Redline regularly recruit for include:

  • Design/development engineer
  • Senior Software Developers/ Architects
  • Project Managers/ Product Owners
  • Global Systems Engineer Managers
  • System Engineers / Embedded Software Developers
  • Field Service Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Software Engineers
  • Head of R&D
  • Medical Devices
  • Head of Development
  • Medical device sales and marketing professionals
  • Medical diagnostics experts
  • Medical Imaging expert

For more information, please contact Daniel Saddi, Redline Group’s Contract and Interim Associate Director on 01582 878854 or