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Five reasons to consider a career in electronics in 2023

Do you consider yourself an innovator? Do you want a flexible yet stable career that allows you to help people and improve the world? Do you enjoy challenges and want to be paid well for overcoming them?

If so, you’ve just described a career in electronics engineering.

Whether you’re choosing your university degree or considering a change of careers, there has never been a better time to consider a career in electronics. Here are just five of the many reasons why you should consider this lucrative and rewarding career.

A chance to innovate

Engineering professionals are an innovative, exciting cohort – they are constantly looking for ways to improve systems and develop better solutions to all kinds of problems. As a result, they shape the world of tomorrow. From robotics and nanotechnology to drones and virtual reality, electronics engineers play an important role in designing what we will be doing, thinking, and even wearing in the future.

Electronics engineers are always at the forefront of future technologies, so if you like shaping the future, this is the career for you.

A growing demand for electronics professionals in the UK

There has long been a demand for electronics professionals in the UK. This is demonstrated by the inclusion of electrical engineers on the Migration Advisory Committee’s 2021 Shortage of Labour List. Essentially, the UK is struggling to fill these important roles, and the government recommends allowing migrants to apply for them.

Anytime there is a labour shortage in a particular field, this is a valuable opportunity for anyone to upskill, enrol in education, or change careers. Don’t miss your chance.

Make an impact on the world

Electronics professionals redesign the world we live in – this career is on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. When you see a problem, you can use your skills and education to overcome it, making life easier, more vibrant, and more connected for everyone.

Working in an electronic engineering job allows you to research, design, test, and develop the software and devices used in a wide array of industries. You can make telecommunications, medical tech, manufacturing, defence, and even aerospace technology more efficient and easier to use.

Exciting career paths for electronics design engineers

When you hear the term “electronics professionals,” you might only think of one or two different job roles. In reality, there are dozens, each with its own exciting career path and trajectory.

There are many long-term career opportunities for electronics engineers. With an education in electronics engineering, you can progress your career in a number of ways, including radio frequency engineering, digital design and development engineering, programmable logic engineering (FPGA), software engineering, and systems engineering.

Importantly, electronics engineering is an increasingly diverse field, with more women than ever involved in STEM fields in the UK and globally.

Lead electronics engineers have flexible careers

The pandemic proved that flexibility is crucial in any technology career. Employees who could work from home and set their own hours were able to balance childcare and family commitments during this unprecedented crisis.

Similarly, a career in electronics can allow you to choose from both permanent and contract roles to find the opportunity that suits your needs best. While some people relish the long-term security of a permanent role, others appreciate the flexibility and freedom of shorter-term contracts.

Applying for electronics engineering jobs with us

Your first step towards applying for electronics engineering roles should be to reach out to a recruitment agency. Trusted recruitment agencies like Redline recruit for all kinds of electronics professionals, but specialise in software engineers, developers, and electronics engineers.

At Redline, we have more than 40 years of experience in the field, and our experienced consultants helps electronics professionals find both permanent roles and short-term contracts in the electronics field. Check out our current electronics jobs listings, or send in your CV today. For more information, email us at or call 01582 450054.


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