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12 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Partner to Assist with Your Job Search

As an engineering or technology professional, you’re probably aware that you’re currently in demand. Therefore, you may feel you don’t need the assistance of a professional, specialist recruitment partner in your search for a new position – but here are some reasons you should seek their input and guidance.

Generally speaking, a recruitment partner’s role is not to find YOU a job, they are hired by Companies to identify and attract candidates for their hiring requirements. Specialist recruitment partners like Redline undertake work for both parties, but our main mission is enabling high-technology companies to build world-class teams through knowledge-led recruitment. However, you gain many benefits as a job seeker by being part of a recruiter's candidate community.

1. Get hired quicker

Have you ever vowed to make looking for a job your full-time job? How did that go? Trawling through job adverts and writing applications is time consuming and often unproductive hard work, and most people can only manage a few hours – or minutes – of it a day.

For recruiters, identifying candidates for roles is their full-time purpose. Using a recruiter saves you time on your job search.

2. Improve your CV and have an advocate

Recruiters view hundreds of CVs so they will instantly be able to give you constructive feedback/advice to help you stand out from other candidates. They will be able to help you improve your CV structure so that you successfully match the role you are applying for whilst also advising on any enhancement to your online brand. You are unlikely to receive any feedback from an internal recruiter/HR manager at a company.

By partnering with a specialist recruiter, you will have an advocate who will be able to assist in the promotion of your strengths and expertise to potential employers.

3. Find remote work

If you’ve never applied for a remote position before, you might not know where to start looking. Recruiters can connect you with the best opportunities that match your skills.

4. Can network on a larger scale.

Think of your current job-search connections — past employers, former college professors, friends, and family. Even if that group is large, it does not match the number of relevant connections that a professional, niche recruitment organisation will have. Take advantage of recruitment partner’s connections to get the most out of your job-seeking efforts.

Recruiters invest considerable time making connections and building knowledge through databases, phone calls, and face-to-face networking. By using a recruiter during your job search, your network of potential contacts and employers grows exponentially.

5. Access to the right job

Yes, a talent shortage makes it easier to get “a” job. But is that enough? It could also enable you to get “the” job, the job of a lifetime, the one you think is way out of your league – if you’re working with a company that knows where to look.

They can connect you with exclusive opportunities and hidden jobs that are rarely advertised online. A recruiter’s relationship with the hiring company will make a stronger case for you and get the feedback you might not be able to receive when applying independently.

6. Get shortlisted quickly

Once you connect with a recruiter, you’ll be in their personal network, and aided by a well-constructed and usable database, they will match you with relevant jobs and shortlist you quickly. It’s much more effective than trying to get on shortlists by yourself.

7. Gain career advice

When you work with a recruiter, you can make the most of this unprecedented time in history by getting personalised career advice from experts.

8 Access Helpful Resources

Experienced recruiters can help you spot your skill gaps, assist with interview feedback, act as a career counsellor, and advise on training courses to fill gaps, whilst qualifying you for even better roles. They can also keep you up to the minute with industry trends, salary expectations, and more.

9. Find the perfect role

The more esoteric your skillset, the more useful a recruiter can be. They know everyone who’s hiring or planning to expand and can match you with the best potential employers who need your exact skills in higher-level roles.

10. Find Work Abroad

If you’re looking to move to a different country, it’s worth working with a recruitment agency, since you’re not likely to know all the best companies to work in that region. A locally knowledgeable recruiter can give you expert insights on your options including taxation.

11. Help you through the Recruitment and Interview Process.

When you get in interview, the recruiter will help with advice and support – they’ll know exactly what the employer is looking for, the culture fit, and how to tailor your approach to impress them.

12. Leave It to the Experts

For the same reason, recruiters want to make you look fantastic to potential employers – and they have years of professional expertise in doing so. Besides guiding you through the application process, they may even give you ongoing development advice to help you thrive in your future career.

Recruiters can control the speed of the interview process and guide both parties through offer negotiations. They are accustomed to having uncomfortable conversations that you may less experienced in.

And there are even more reasons … to find out what they are, you’ll have to speak to us directly. If you’re intrigued, get in touch today, and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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