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Proximity Bias: Is Proximity Bias Making You Ignore Your Best Talent

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Redline Group compiled this research to assist engineering and technology employers in creating a diverse and inclusive environment, free of conscious and unconscious bias.

As more companies embrace different work models, featuring a mix of remote, hybrid, and in-person, many decision makers, people managers and HR departments are dealing with the challenges of proximity bias and the ‘visibility’ concern for many employees.

But what is Proximity Bias? Proximity bias refers to a cognitive bias which occurs when individuals give undue importance or favouritism to individuals in close proximity to themselves.

This can lead to biased decision-making, judgments, and perceptions in the workplace. It manifests as the tendency for people in positions of authority to show favouritism or give preferential treatment to employees who are closest to them physically.

Our research contains essential resources on several key topics, including: 

  • What is Proximity Bias?
  • Why does Proximity Bias matter?
  • How does Proximity Bias affect women?
  • How does Proximity Bias affect remote workers?
  • How to avoid Proximity Bias in the workplace?
  • Key Proximity Bias Solutions

In a successful business, employees should not have to choose between hybrid/remote work or career progression. Both are possible if the right tools and processes are in place to prevent proximity bias and ensure inclusion.

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Download Full Research