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How to Land a Software Developer Job as a Graduate

Going through the recruitment process can be daunting for fresh graduates. Luckily, there are some key things you can do to land your dream job as a software developer. Here's a few pointers on how to boost your chances of landing a software developer graduate job.

Be Specific

There are many software developer jobs out there, so you need to think about what exactly it is that you want to do. Try to narrow down your options by industry, language, or field. 

There are many programming languages to choose from and they are not all equally sought after. There are also a variety of industries - software, hardware, research, and development - and the one you choose could impact your career progression and required skills. 

Next, find out exactly what skills, experience, and knowledge you need for the job that you are applying for. Often, it’s not enough to simply have the knowledge you gained throughout your studies. There may be a specific course that you need to complete to be considered for a specific position.

Make Yourself Stand Out Online

Once you start applying for jobs, you need to have a CV that stands out. Otherwise, recruiters are unlikely to find you. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, which is why you need to have a professional, well designed, and structured CV. It should include all relevant figures, facts, and keywords such as the programming languages that you know. 

Your CV should also include a brief section about why you are suitable for the role. If you have a lot of information to add, consider writing a separate cover letter. Choose two or three impressive projects to highlight and focus on these, rather than listing everything you have ever worked on.

Take the time to check spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as any mistakes can look unprofessional. Once your CV is perfect, send it to recruiters and post it on job boards.


There are a lot of job boards and online communities for networking as a software developer, but don’t forget about in-person networking. Tell your friends, colleagues, and relatives about your job search. They might be able to refer you to someone or pass on your details to another person in the industry. There are also several networking events and career fairs for you to attend, many of which are solely focused on the software development industry. 

There are many ways to get ‘in’ with a hiring company and doing so can help you access more job opportunities than before. One way of doing this is by creating a portfolio that showcases what you are capable of and demonstrates your skills, allowing hiring companies to see that you are a candidate worth considering. Finding internships is another good way to get ‘in’ with a company, as there are often opportunities to progress through the ranks. It’s also a good way to gain workplace experience.

Keep Learning and Gaining Experience

As a software developer, you should always be learning, which is why it’s a good idea to take IT courses. Being certified in a multitude of programming languages and learning more about a software type can help you stand out among other candidates. It’s also a great way to grab a hiring manager’s attention on social media and job boards. You could also choose a course that provides students with a referral, as this increases your chances of getting a software developer job even more.

Similarly, being able to demonstrate valuable experience will help you to land a job as a software developer, but getting the experience isn’t always easy. Without a previous job, you need to look elsewhere for experience. One of the best ways to do this is to connect with more experienced people in the industry, find out if they are offering internships and ask for referrals. You could also consider signing up to freelancing websites, as these give you the chance to take on projects and expand on your experience. 

Be Well Prepared but Ready for Any Outcome

Getting nervous and fumbling an interview is nothing new. However, this is less likely to happen if you are well prepared. Take the time to think about the questions you could be asked, and what your answers would be. There are a lot of resources out there with practice interview questions, and the more prepared you feel, the less daunting the interview will be. While it is important to try your best, you should prepare to review offers and rejections in equal measure. If you are offered a job, prepare yourself for a few busy weeks of onboarding and gearing up to start. If you are rejected, remember that it is normal and part of the job search. Ask for feedback and find out what you could work on for next time.

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