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Eight reasons why job-hopping can be beneficial

If you find yourself going through the motions in your current role with little job satisfaction, maybe it is time for a change with the challenges a new role can bring. If your CV paints the picture that you have moved jobs more than average, there is potentially no need to worry about being turned down if you have a rationale behind the regular changes. This blog explains eight reasons why job-hopping can be looked at positively by a future employer.

Job hopping is a trend that is growing exponentially in the labour market and refers to someone who changes jobs frequently and voluntarily. Although people change jobs more frequently than was the case in the past, job hoppers do so more often. Job-hopping is a pattern of changing companies every year or two of one's own volition rather than because of something like redundancy or company closure. Millennials are often known for job-hopping.

Whilst it is true that some employers will turn down potential candidates for having a long list of previous employers, for reasons including loyalty concerns, lack of experience gained, and deliverables not being met from those jobs. There are other employers who will look at your CV and see past the job-hopping and see the progression or breadth of experience gained from many roles.

The employers who will grow your career the fastest, provide the best learning experiences and value you the most are looking for actual accomplishments and expertise. Many are open-minded organisations that will nurture you and push you to progress in your career if you have logical reasons for the regular moves, and you are able to put a nervous employer’s mind at ease. This happens when job-hopping with intention, rather than being focused on purely salary or job title.

People are changing more frequently so the standards of expectations on a resume are shifting. Changing jobs regularly can be positive if you are serious about growing your career. Here are eight reasons why.

1. Staying in the same business for an extended time narrows your field of vision. You can get too focused on internal priorities and politics. You potentially lose touch with the outside world and fall behind on what is happening in your industry sector, making you less employable when you do finally decide to leave.

2. Unless you are in a company growing exponentially, where you feel you are working for a different organisation from one year to the next, you will not get the same range of new experiences, challenges and learning opportunities you would by changing jobs.

3. Nobody likes to feel incompetent, but we learn the most when we are least competent. If you can do your job on autopilot, you are not learning. Changing jobs more often means you can potentially gain more knowledge and just as importantly, get more comfortable with making mistakes. Curiosity and continuous learning are positive traits often displayed by job-hoppers.

4. Changing jobs allows you to redefine yourself on your terms. This may be a step up in a career every time, a substantially different role or responsibility. As an employee, the only thing you will ever have to sell is your expertise and competencies, and the only way to grow it is to take advantage of every learning opportunity available.

5. The more often you change jobs, the more confident you’ll become in building communication, networking, and relationship management skills. This may also assist with future interview processes as well as negotiating salary and benefits packages. 

6. Job-hoppers gain more than another entry on their resume. Changing jobs regularly will hone your intuition to spot the employers you want to work for and the roles that you enjoy whilst avoiding the time-wasting.

7. Staying in the same job can lead to feeling stuck and thinking of new ideas can become more of a struggle. Changing jobs will give a fresh perspective that can revive creative energy and openness to trying new things whilst highlighting individual adaptability.

8. The more businesses you work for, the more you can build your reputation, confidence, and ability to walk into new situations and figure out what is important. Many career fields are looking for “full-stack” employees who understand every step of the process from start to finish.

If you feel like it is time to leave your current employment and discussions with management will not change how you feel, then do not be afraid to find a new job or career. The Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quit is a phenomenon that started in the USA but has spread globally as large numbers of employees resign in unprecedented numbers.

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