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Benefits of Exclusively using a Recruiter for hiring

In these times of transformation, when money, time, and people are more valuable resources than ever, undertaking your own recruitment is often a false economy. Here’s why working exclusively with a specialist recruitment partner may be the best investment you can make.

Specialist Knowledge and Expertise

When you work with a niche or specialist recruitment agency, their years of knowledge and experience in filling roles in your exact sector/market means they have developed the most reliable benchmarks and efficient methods for the complete recruitment process. This is particularly helpful when you need top talent in a hurry or in disciplines where there is already a shortage and a ‘war for talent’ exists.

While the impacts of the pandemic have battered countless industries and the world has experienced dramatic economic changes over the last year, many positions remain in demand and difficult to recruit for and the intensity of the ‘war for talent’ is still very applicable today. These include;

  • Competition for Talent is global.

  • Growth in new technologies, such as EV, IoT, AI, Quantum Computing, and cloud.

  • An increasingly decentralised workforce.

  • A new set of priorities for potential employees.

  • Eliminating bias in recruiting

Extended Reach

Finding the perfect candidate is not only about skills and qualifications but also about cultural fit. A specialist recruiter who understands your goals and needs can source a candidate who is a perfect fit, leading to higher productivity and retention rates.

Working with multiple client companies gives recruiters a better overview of the market segment and its talent pool than in-house staff. They can dip into a passive talent pool to approach or headhunt better qualified, non-active candidates for you.

Expert recruiters often spend 80-90% of their time building a network (talent pool) of potential candidates, they can draw on at a moment’s notice. They can reach passive candidates who might never have considered working for you and who do not necessarily respond to advertisements or post their CVs on job boards. This extended reach can make the difference between filling a vacancy and not.


Recruitment partners do not cost money – they save money by cutting down the time it takes to hire and the subsequent opportunity cost. Devoting in-house resources to a long, drawn-out hiring process can be incredibly costly.

According to the REC 2021 report, just 10% of companies say every worker they have hired is a good fit, and only 31% of businesses find it easy to attract suitable staff, even in a normal year. Most companies find that filling vacant roles is one of their biggest ongoing costs, averaging around £30,000 per employee.

Many of these costs spring from the time in identifying and training the new hire; lost productivity accounts for £25,000, while the actual advertising and interviewing process only costs £5,000.

Most companies surveyed said freeing up management time and focus was a primary motivator for using recruitment consultancies.

Becoming exclusive with one recruiter

Using just one recruitment partner for all your hiring can mean you build a real partnership and add extra accountability.  Working with multiple recruiters often means wasting your time sifting through duplicated CVs and wading through confusion as you try to keep track of which candidate belongs with which recruiter. This destroys one of the main reasons for using a recruiter: saving you time.

When recruiters know they are working against other like-minded recruiters, it can become a race, and not always a race for quality but speed of submission. This can become an issue as you may just double YOUR workload by having to sift through a pile of applications that are not necessarily right for your role.

When you work with one recruiter exclusively, they will be fully accountable to you and will put measures in place such as weekly update calls, break clauses and SLAs to guarantee this. And because they will not be racing against competitors to get CVs in front of you first, you can be confident that the candidate screening and selection you receive is the very best possible for the job role.

The most successful hiring practices emerge when an honest partnership is built with a Recruiter who becomes an extension of your company. They know exactly what type of candidate you need to further improve your business.

Working exclusively means your recruitment partner will map the market and approach the hard-to-find candidates. The best candidates often ask tough questions; your recruiter can answer them readily in a way that shows you in the best light. On average, an exclusive relationship like this makes you 2 ½ times more likely to fill a role. Redline can demonstrate an improved fill ratio, a reduction in the number of candidates reviewed and interviewed as well as a 90% success in the offer to acceptance ratio with exclusive roles.

If you have been spending money and time trying to hire the right candidate and still haven’t succeeded, register a vacancy with us and a specialist consultant will be in contact to discuss our knowledge-led approach.

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