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How to Select the Right Competencies for the Interview?

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The competencies selected by the manager will be those that he/she believes to be key for a candidate to successfully undertake the role. Within each competency the recruiting manager seeks information and evidence from the candidate that supports the key behaviours within each competency.

12 Most Common Competencies 


Every high-tech employer seeks engineering talent whose expertise lies in their chosen technical discipline, but other skills and competencies can be just as important, such as communication, organisational and interpersonal skills, innovative thinking, problem-solving etc.  A potential engineering candidate must be able to draw upon real situations and examples to highlight those skills. e.g. Communication – may be critical to work with internationally based research & development teams or to work between cross-functional teams.

Ability to work in a team - Providing examples of a strong team ethic will be very helpful here since collaborative work is key in most engineering roles.

  • Organisational ability - The ability to meet project deadlines whilst delivering a right-first-time design can be key to winning market share.
  • Methodical approach - Costly mistakes are minimised when engineers approach projects with comprehensive planning skills. Short and long-term planning expertise is often vital. 
  • Problem-solving skills - Engineering is, of course, all about problem-solving. This vital skill and should be demonstrated in previous projects.

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