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Competency Based Interview (CBI) Questions

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The questions for behavioural interviews should be written to elicit details about a candidate’s past experience that would reflect the identified job-related competencies. These questions should be clear and concise and should encourage candidates to share openly their typical behaviours that demonstrate the job-related competencies in question.

To help develop your interview questions, we have provided a list of sample questions based on 3 keys competencies:

Redline’s research document ‘Competency Based Interviews for Engineers’ builds on the training course we have been running for many years, assisting engineering decision-makers to develop a broader framework of technical skills and softer competencies when undertaking an interview and hiring process.

Our aim is to highlight the benefits and assist the reader to think about ‘competencies’ and how they may be used to save organisations money by focusing their time with candidates that meet the benchmark on the competencies needed for success in the job whilst leveraging their recruiting talent in other ways.

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