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Attracting Talent in Today's Permanent Recruitment Sector

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If a candidate goes through your hiring and recruiting process and seems to be a perfect for for the company's culture - offering them the job is typically the next option, right? After spending all that time, effort and resource having a candidate turn down an offer can be pretty disappointing. 

There are a variety of reasons why a candidate might turn down your job offer. The most common being they accepted a job offer from a different company. Perhaps that company offers a salary and benefits package that is outside your current salary structure. However, if candidates are repeatedly rejecting your offers, you might want to consider this as being a learning opportunity as to why this is happening.

Candidate declination in the permanent recruitment sector 

With the CIPD reporting 41% of employers stating that it has become harder to fill vacancies during the past year and with 33% also stating that it has become more difficult to retain staff, what should organisations be doing to attract and maintain a permanent workforce?

What should you do to attract and maintain your permanent workforce?

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