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Distance Interviewing

Making the interview process virtual

With many businesses being more vigilant about unnecessary travel and interaction, we understand the trepidation around the traditional face-to-face interview process.

Don't cancel interviews - Make them virtual!

Telephone interviews have been increasingly used as an initial point of contact between employers and candidates, however video calls are a great way to maintain the convenience of a remote interview, whilst having the more personal-touch of a face-to-face interview. 


  • Save time - Not travel and less set-up required.
  • Safer & cleaner - less physical interaction
  • More relaxed - This can help with first impressions
  • Meetings can be recorded to refer back to - Handy when you're interviewing many candidates!
  • More personal than a phone call as it's still face-to-face
  • Shows you as a modern business set-up for remote working and efficient meetings

Top Apps:

  • Skype - Free options
  • Go To Meeting - from £9.50/month
  • FaceTime - Free (Apple users only)
  • Google Hangouts - Free
  • Zoom - Free options
  • Microsoft Teams - From £6/user/month

The Cons:

Although technology and wifi are far more stable than ever, and the days of juddery video calls with disjointed audio are mostly a thing of the past, IT issues can still occur, especially if the systems are only used occasionally - Allow a little extra time to join the call for any connectivity snags or if the candidate has any issues joining.

Another consideration is that, through video calling and telephone, the candidate only sees a very limited view of the business. You could be creative and provide a virtual tour of the company, however in order to get a true feel of a business you might be working for, nothing beats seeing it first hand.

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