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Women In Engineering: How To Close The Gender Gap

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Redline has compiled a report to assist engineering and technology employees to increase diversity and empower women to take up opportunities in the engineering and technology arena.

In the UK, it is estimated the Engineering and High-Tech industry will need 1.8 million engineers over the next few years. This has led to an ever-greater demand for candidates, especially with the right mix of technical skills and experience. However, with continued demand and candidate availability at historically low levels, businesses and hiring managers must nurture the current and next generation of female engineers and technologists to meet industry objectives. 

The research contains essential resources, including engaging more women in the sector, increasing the number of women role models: all of which are proven to boost business growth; whilst building trust and decreasing employer turnover by giving women a seat at the table.

Key topics covered, include: -  

  • The current status of Women in Engineering and Technology
  • Getting Girls into STEM
  • How Sponsorship, Network Events, Apprenticeship can attract women into engineering careers
  • How Businesses are Empowering women engineers
  • Benefits of Mentors to women engineers
  • Address the Skills Gap by Upskilling and Training
  • Hiring Bias
  • Gender bias in Job Advertising
  • The Gender Pay Gap
  • Pay Transparency and the impact on women
  • Proximity Bias
  • Future Outlook for Women Engineers

Things are changing for the better, and you can help the change as well by encouraging women to work in the engineering and technology sector, and supporting them once they’re hired. If you foster a female-friendly environment, the likelihood that you will encourage women to become employees is much greater.

To read compelling stories from women engineers, click here or for further assistance on Women in Engineering please contact us at 01582 450054 or email

Download Full Research