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Why should you use Competency Based Interviews?

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A Competency based interview (CBI) can provide employers with a detailed insight into how an engineer may perform any given task and whether they’ve got the experience and skills required for a specific job role and/or environment.

When operating a technology business in innovative and fast-moving environments, you require the most suitable, professional technology candidates to help your business grow.

Competency-based interviews assist in the overall process adding an important layer to technical testing. They are designed to explore evidence of a candidate’s previous experience, behaviours, skills, knowledge and expertise in the best context in order to support hiring managers in selecting the very best candidates. 

The benefits of adding a competency-based assessment during the interview process range from eliminating bias in the hiring process to decreased employee turnover rates. Competency based recruitment and selection systems often empower hiring managers with additional information to make smarter hiring decisions. The selection process concentrates on the commitment to bringing clarity in selection and recruitment procedures. The competency-based approach negates gut feelings from any party involved in the recruitment or interview process as the selection procedure is governed by objective analysis.

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