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Why do Candidates decline offers?

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How to ensure top talent joins you? 

You’ve just extended an offer to the most qualified candidate and begin making preparations for them to join your company. Then it happens...

It’s more disappointing than ever when a highly-skilled candidate declines your job offer! In an era of numerous recruitment metrics – time to hire, cost per hire, candidate source, applicants per hire, diversity etc. one of the most critical is still the Offer to Acceptance ratio. With offer to acceptance ratios under pressure due to market changes and skills shortages in technology, Redline’s latest research looks at:

  • Reasons for candidate declination
  • Market trends
  • Ways to improve your success rates

Redline secures 1000’s of offers for Engineering, Technology, Sales, Manufacturing, HR and Finance professionals within the European high-technology and engineering sectors. Not all accept, but through a robust, quality and knowledge-led approach, last year we secured a 78% acceptance rate (81% in Contract and 73% in Permanent), a decline of 7% from the previous year‘s 85%.

Redline has undertaken research into candidate offer to acceptance ratios for many years. Below is the most recent survey of Permanent & Contract Offers: April 2017 – March 2018.

Every hiring manager or recruiter will have experienced a candidate declination, normally in stark contrast to everything said during the interview process. With UK employment at a record high, 34 million people in work and the number of people employed (the proportion of people aged from 16 to 64 years who were in work) at 75.6%, it’s often candidates who hold the upper hand. 

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