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As many of you are aware, after 6 years with Redline, we were delighted to support Principal Consultant Jabe Bean on his 6 month sabbatical from the business to travel South East Asia. Jabe’s always been a fan of travel and he wanted to share updates on his travels and experiences. 

Here’s the latest update

Jabe landed in Bangkok and firstly visited a snake farm where they explained the venom extraction process and attended a venomous snake show. He also visited Wat Pho which houses the largest statue of the reclining Buddha in South East Asia. From there he made his way to Chiangmai in the North of Thailand. Here he stayed in the Elephant Nature Park, which he said was an 'awesome' experience. The Elephant Nature Park helps rehabilitate elephants which have been forced to work in circuses, illegal logging, trekking camps or on the streets begging for money.


Being 6’4”, Jabe does rather ‘stand out’ in Thailand, but thinks he may be slightly ‘stockier’ when he returns as he has eaten his entire body weight in Pad Thair, Khao Soi Gai  and Mango and Sticky Rice, some of the local delicacies. 

Whilst in Chiang Mai he made friends with many travellers. Not surprisingly, Jabe still has his ‘Redline’ hat on (physically and metaphorically) and met two Engineers who he is hoping to secure opportunities for with some of his long-standing clients when he returns. 

Jabe is now on his way to Laos.

We will keep you all updated with #wheresjabe on our website and across social media. Jabe will be back later this year, but of course if you need anything while he’s away, please contact David Philpott, Redline's R&D and Engineering Manager on 01582 878831 or email