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What does the current Employment Market mean for your Business?

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As the UK’s employment market continues to demonstrate how robust it is and with employment at a record-high, it continues to provide opportunities for more people than ever before.

It is evident the widespread talent shortage will continue through 2020. Finding talented professionals with the right skill set to suit your company’s requirements is increasingly challenging. Employers must work harder to recruit and retain top talent which means understanding what job seekers are looking for, paying close attention to the experience you create for them and selecting the right hiring channels to meet the expectations of today’s candidates.

When it comes to recruiting for your company in 2019/2020, it is most definitely a ‘candidate's market’. So, what can you do as a company to stand out from the competition, and how can you make sure candidates choose YOU and YOUR brand over the other companies they are in contact with regarding job opportunities? Redline’s report provides a guide for the recruitment landscape you’ll encounter in 2019/2020 and advice on ways to improve your success rates. 

What is happening is today’s employment market?


Redline secures 1000’s of offers for Engineering, Technology, Sales, Manufacturing, HR and Finance professionals within the European high-technology and engineering sectors. Not all accept, but through a robust, quality and knowledge-led approach last year we secured a 77% acceptance rate (79% in Contract and 75% in Permanent). This was marginally down on the previous year (78%). 

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Redline offer knowledge-led, tailor-made recruitment programmes to suit clients’ specific needs. We adopt a ‘partnership’ approach to ensure a detailed understanding of clients’ objectives and requirements. For more information regarding how we can help your business, please contact David Collins on 01582 878804 or email