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TDK’s business activities encompass 15 Sectors on a worldwide basis.  TDK's extensive R&D resources are complemented by a spirit of innovation and an unwavering dedication to creating products of outstanding quality. It’s 5 core technologies are materials technology, process technology, evaluation & simulation technology, production technology, and device & module technology. While constantly deepening its mastery of these core technologies, TDK's business activities extend to 15 sectors through a wide range of global operations.

TDK components are found in an enormous variety of electronic products and devices used in our daily lives, including mobile phones, PCs, electric household appliances, OA equipment, automobiles, as well as industrial and medical equipment. The high reliability and excellent performance of TDK components significantly contribute to safety, comfort of use, and convenience of the set product.


Throughout the eight decades since the company's founding, and bolstered by its strong basis in magnetics technology derived from ferrite, TDK has been steadfastly pursuing the development of products that have true value. Keeping alive the venture spirit that defined their beginnings, TDK took up the challenge of exploring new technological fields while maintaining a strong dedication to craftsmanship as embodied in the Japanese Monozukuri concept.

Taking full advantage of their global network linking more than 30 countries around the globe, TDK will speed up the process of developing and marketing products of value. This will sustain the further growth of TDK as a creator and innovator, and it is also their way of contributing to the future of electronics and the progress of society at large.

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