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Successful Onboarding

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Everything you need to know for Powerful Onboarding

How to improve your onboarding process

Onboarding is a critical part of the talent lifecyle. New employees who are part of a well-structured onboarding orientation program are 69% more likely to remain at a company for up to three years*. A solid program not only bridges the gap between the business and the new employee, it acts as a catalyst for employee satisfaction.

Onboarding is the process of ensuring that new employees are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a valuable part of the business.

To help you succeed, we’ve created this onboarding toolkit full of essential resources for every stage of your new hire process. 


One of the most important and often overlooked steps is pre-boarding. It’s the introduction to the full onboarding experience. Not only does it increase new hires’ excitement, but it also fosters a relationship with them before they start. 

First Day Experience

Give your new employee an amazing first impression with an interactive and fun first day. Ensure there is an agenda. This will help you plan an informative yet dynamic first day experience.

First Month Essentials 

Now you have covered the basics, new employees will need a refresher as well as more information during their first month in their new position. 

First Quarter Tools

The first 90 days are a critical time in establishing a new employee’s success. This is also the point where the new hire’s manager takes on more of the onboarding responsibility

Measure Success

Business needs are always changing, so your onboarding process must constantly evolve. Feedback is one of the best ways to measure success and regularly review your program. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

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