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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electrics™ role is to make sure that Life Is On™ for everyone, everywhere, at every moment. As such, sustainability is at the heart of Schneider Electrics strategy. They are convinced that better climate means better economy and that energy access is a basic human right. The fight against climate change cannot be decoupled from development issues. They need a solid system for carbon pricing so that everyone incorporates climate collaterals in their actions.

In sustainable development, 2015 was a year of recognition and innovation. They have equipped close to 3.5 million households and trained over 500,000 people since 2009. They have been honoured externally by a number of international recognitions: such as the Industry leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), and were confirmed in Climate Performance and Disclosure indexes of CDP (Carbon Disclosure), having scored 100/100 in Disclosure.


Companies that have technologies to produce or facilitate the use of renewable energy, capture carbon, or dramatically improve energy efficiency can look forward to a period in which governments around the world make a concerted, collective effort to encourage their adoption. Suppliers in this sector see this as a virtuous circle, with governments providing incentives and stable policies to help accelerate innovation and encourage adoption.

Building on Schneider Electric’s long experience in sustainability goals, thanks to the Planet & Society barometer, they are leveraging the company’s technologies and solutions to achieve COP21 commitments by 2030. They wish to build an ecosystem that helps customers reduce their own energy consumption by 30 percent through active energy efficiency and sustainability solutions. They also want to offer products and solutions that provide clean and affordable energy to communities at the base of the energy pyramid and those living in fuel poverty.

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