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What separates top performers from everyone else in engineering and technical roles are the competencies they possess and use to achieve great results.

Find out more on how competency based interviews can help you hire the very best engineers.


Onboarding is the process of ensuring that new employees are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a valuable part of the business.

To help you succeed, we’ve created the Successful Onboarding Toolkit full of essential resources for every stage of your new hire process. 

It’s more disappointing than ever when a highly-skilled candidate declines your job offer! In an era of numerous recruitment metrics – time to hire, cost per hire, candidate source, applicants per hire, diversity etc. one of the most critical is still the Offer to Acceptance ratio. 

Redline has undertaken research into 'Why candidate decline offers?' by researching the offer to acceptance ratios. To discuss the results of the research feel free to give us a call 

Redline Group provides insights and research across the employment sector. This has proved beneficial to clients, candidates and our team, offering tips and practical advice to improve their recruitment processes whilst engaging a productive workforce.