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What is 'Knowledge-led Recruitment'?

25/07/18 Nick Livingstone Director

Redline Group's specialist divisions employ industry and technically experienced recruitment consultants who also undertake regular technology training by highly qualified industry experts.

Accurate and timely recruitment is a critical factor in the success and growth of any business. Redline is defined by the employees within it, so ensuring we employ and develop the right staff is critical to our ability to deliver world-class services to clients and candidates.

Engineering and Technical recruitment is in high demand, and as a recruiter, focusing on niche markets can be very lucrative, if you really know what you are doing. In today’s changing and increasingly challenging commercial world, we understand there’s only one thing that really matters: results. With over 35 years’ experience focused on recruiting within the high technology arena, we provide our Consultants with the right technical skills to ensure they can find the right candidates to meet our clients’ needs.

We continually invest in talent, technology, development and training to ensure our staff remain the highly-skilled, specialist professionals the industry’s challenges demand.

By providing in-house technical training our Consultants are better able to:

  • Present the company as a professional and knowledge-led organisation
  • Create a positive work environment through the introduction of employees that have a wide range of skills and experience which allows them to share knowledge
  • Improve the behavioural and situational questioning skills to ensure conversations and meetings with clients are effective
  • Apply core technical knowledge for overall recruitment success

Neal Whiteman, a highly experienced manufacturing leader, provides quarterly training courses in relevant technology to keep Redline’s staff fully-informed with the latest advances in technology. 
“The focus of the technical training allows us to bring the Consultants together to a level of technical understanding of the technical job roles they are recruiting for. We use examples of everyday life products, for example a Set Top Box box and what electronic components it contains.” says Neal. 

The technology training blocks which Neal provides includes:

  • Introduction Technical Training and Power Electronics 
  • Signals
  • HMI, Processors and Software
  • Physical: Enclosures & Mechanisms
  • The Market

Nick Livingston, Director comments: “One of the main factors which has helped us to become a leading provider of technical recruitment services to niche markets and specialist sectors is our ‘knowledge-led’ approach. We don’t hire people unless they understand the job, our business and the sectors we serve. A recruiter cannot find the right candidates for vacancies unless they understand our clients’ business, products, services and ultimately the job roles.” says Nick.

“We pride ourselves on being the high-technology and engineering industry experts, and our specialist teams (over 60 employees) are passionate about the specific technology markets and segments they recruit for.”

Redline Group is a specialist technical recruitment founded in 1982. We believe the core of our business is not what we do but HOW we do it. Our people are the fundamental contributors to our success and longevity in the recruitment sector. We continue to recruit and retain top quality people in the industry and offer a dynamic and motivating environment to work in. We offer a highly-competitive package as we firmly believe rewarding our employees determine our sustained growth and achievements.

Redline has undertaken research into candidate offer to acceptance rations for many years. For a copy of our most recent research on the Offer Vs Declination Analysis, please click here

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