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The Product Realization Company

Plexus uses a unique Product Realization service model to transform concepts into branded products and deliver them to target markets. They tailor innovative solutions that integrate product conceptualization, design, commercialization, manufacturing, fulfilment and sustaining services. Whether the customer operates in the Americas, Europe, the Asia Pacific region or worldwide, Plexus can deliver turnkey solutions to make the project a success.

Plexus Values

Values are the basis of culture, defining us as corporations and individuals. They guide the decision making, help set clear expectations and create a positive work environment for Plexus employees and customers. At Plexus, the culture is built upon core values of customer focus, relationships and teamwork, integrity, open communication and excellence. They strongly believe the success of a project depends on the adherence to these values, and they take this responsibility seriously.


Plexus People

 At Plexus, people are the most valuable asset. Plexus employees embody the core values and bring unmatched industry experience, talent and drive to customer projects. Their motivation and dedication to quality lay a firm foundation for success.

Customer Focused

Customer experience excellence is central to everything Plexus do. They strive to not only meet customer expectations, but to exceed them. They do this by keeping a constant pulse on the customer performance whilst integrating feedback to continually improve the services. At Plexus, the agile business approach allows them to respond quickly as the customer needs evolve and to build partnerships that grow with the business.


Lean Sigma Enterprise, Focused on Continual Improvement

At Plexus, they have established Lean Sigma as a cultural paradigm, focusing on eliminating waste and creating efficiences. With Lean Sigma Black Belts across all global locations, they arm the employees with the tools, processes and techniques necessary for continual improvement. At every level of the organisation, you'll find people making an impact, driving change and creating efficient, cost effective solutions to benefit the customer.


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