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We can say ‘Wow’ to 2017 already - The Tech advancements of 2017

06/02/17 David Philpott Manager, Electronics & Technology


We are already amazed at the technologies we have available to us and it’s astounding to retrieve almost any information and communicate in thousands of different ways from a device that fits in our pocket. However there is always something new on the horizon and here at Redline, we can’t help but discover what technological marvels are coming next.

We may only be at the beginning of the year and LG have already wowed us with the unveiling of their OLED TV. This OLED TV is a TV that rolls up like a piece of paper. We can see the future of our Sales and Marketing Consultants travelling to their client meetings, ready with their roll up screens to present information and candidate videos to their clients.

Audiophiles and DJ’s everywhere were wowed with a dose of audio nostalgia when Panasonic launched their Technics ITS Grand Class SL-1200GR. The technologically advanced turntable is well equipped to deliver rich, robust, analogue music in a new standard direct-drive turntable system.

Before the end of 2016, Samsung demonstrated ambitious ideas for the future of mobile phone-design when they filed a patent for a bendable display for their 2017 phones.

The integration of digital and physical services has already lifted off. This year we will see supermarket queues eliminated with Amazon Go, the new kind of store with no checkout required. Amazon created the world’s most advanced shopping technology so you never have to wait in line. With their ‘Just Walk Out’ shopping experience, it allows customers to simply use the Amazon Go app when entering the store, take the products they want, and go!

But what else will we see in 2017? A great advancement will be seen in Biometric technology. It is not new, but it’s now becoming an increasingly common part of everyday life. Mobile phones can already be unlocked by reading an owner’s fingerprints, banks are using voice-recognition technology as a precaution and our passports contain identification chips (semiconductors). The use of digital certificates has the potential to greatly increase national security. In addition, machine-readable electronic IDs greatly speed up passport control through automated border control gates. If we thought that was advanced technology, we are wrong, that is only the beginning.

Developments in Biometric technology are so far ahead that we could be walking into a pub and placing our finger into a scanner which will identify us and recognise our favourite drink, order it and then automatically take payment from our credit card.

Such gadgetry may sound years away but ‘FingoPay’ technology is already being trialled by Sthaler, a British company which uses a biometric reader to scan the veins of a shopper’s finger, building up a “map” that is unique to each individual. Vein authentication – just one example – is more secure than any PIN: the chances of two people having the same vein structure is 3.4 billion-to-one. This technology is now being trailed by a London nightclub and it is rumoured McDonald's is experimenting with a pilot of the technology.

Here at Redline, we continue to work with a range of high technology businesses and are privileged to gain great knowledge and insight into the new world of tech via the customers, engineering jobs and senior management we both hirer and assist in there recruitment drives.

Our clients are already speaking of how machine learning and artificial intelligence is becoming more commonplace within their businesses. It’s not yet replacing engineering and technology jobs, it’ merely advancing daily activities. 
We already know that jobs transforms lives but these select few advancements illustrate that 2017 will yet again be a huge year for technological developments across the world. As a knowledge-led recruitment partner whom has assisted start-ups and brands since 1982 we’re determined to make businesses more successful by helping them secure the people they need.

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