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15.3M Workers Job Hunting

15/02/16 Nick Livingstone Director

According to new research from Investors in People, nearly half of the UK workforce will be looking for a new job in 2016, with one in 5 workers already actively job hunting. As the economy improves and pay levels rise, employers are at risk of losing valuable skilled people who feel the grass is greener elsewhere. Statistics suggest:

  • 49% of are people looking to move jobs as the economy improves
  • 1 in 4 employees feel that the job market has improved significantly in the last year
  • ‘Better pay’ drops to third place in ‘unhappiness factors’
  • Workers cite ‘poor management’ and ‘not feeling valued’ as main reasons to move
The findings are emphasised in a new report “Job Exodus Trends 2016” which shows that one in 5 employees across the country are complaining of high workloads (19%), nearly a quarter are concerned by a lack of career progression (23%) and over a quarter are unhappy with their levels of pay (27%). The poll of 2,000 employees suggests that UK businesses could be looking at a Job Exodus Timebomb in 2016.

Nearly a third of employees said they are miserable in their jobs due to a combination of poor management and not feeling valued. Unsatisfactory pay was the 3rd reason as to why employees were unhappy in their current roles. The report suggested that even if employees were offered better pay, poor management is a high factor influencing workers to seek new jobs.

Martin Crapper, Managing Director of Redline Group said: “As the economy continues to grow people are more confident about looking for a new role rather than accepting the status quo. From the in-depth relationships we have with Candidates, we know that small changes can make a big difference within their organisations. If employees feel undervalued, it is crucial for companies to understand the specific role of employees within their organisation, how employees can grow within it and actively and frequently communicate. Better involvement in decision making and giving employees more responsibility are simple ways to ensure staff are happier and more likely to stay. This creates a focused workforce and increases retention, enabling our clients to plan their recruitment to meet their growth objectives growth rather than react and firefight”.

“Redline has over 30 years’ experience in Permanent & Contract recruitment in the European Technology industries. Our monthly-updated salary and rate survey enables us to accurately advise clients and candidates on the complete picture when going through the hiring process.

We pride ourselves on the levels of professionalism, service, attention to detail, tenacity and creativity (essentially HOW we do our role) which really makes the difference to our clients and candidates. With a repeat rate of business in excess of 70% for the last three years, our clients are genuinely impressed not only with what we do, but HOW we do it.”

For advice on recruiting and retaining the best staff, contact Martin on 01582 450054 or email