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MS Therapy Centre Beds & Northants

We have now chosen to focus 2019's charitable contributions on raising money for Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Beds & Northants. This is a charity which is very close to home, after our colleague was diagnosed with MS in October 2018. This centre has over 1,000 members where all therapies provided are free to people. But they need donations to help with the running cost of the centre.

Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological condition which affects the nerves. Your immune system normally protects you by fighting off the infection but in MS your immune system attacks your nerves, nerves which control many parts of your body. MS is a disease for life. With help from Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre Beds & Northants, people who suffer with MS can live their best lives and are helped to maintain or improve their condition.

MS Centre Beds & Northants receive no Government or other form of statutory funding, so it’s only through people like you that they are able to provide vital therapies and support to people with MS across Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire. If you would like to make a donation, please click here


As a company, we are hoping that you can see the good cause the same way as we do and would be willing to help us in our quest of raising money. If you are able to supply us with a suitable prize for Redline's Annual Auction/Raffle we are hosting in 2019, it would be much appreciated. Please contact Gemma Rafferty on 01582 878846 or email

From all of the team at Redline, A huge thank you to all of the organisations who have already donated prizes for our Annual Auction & Raffle for MS Therapy Beds & Northants: