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Why work in technical sales?

11/07/18 Natalie Tyler Associate Director

The life of a sales professional is fast-paced, motivating and with the right amount of rewards to match. Amid a shift from traditional channels towards online sales, employers in the engineering, manufacturing and electronics sector are looking to recruit skilled sales professionals who can effectively get their products or services to market.

There are a number of reasons why a career in the sales industry should be a serious career consideration. Every company has a product or provides a service that requires sales professionals to take it to market. As long as companies strive to remain competitive there will always be sales jobs available for good quality sales professionals.

When it comes to technical sales, there are plenty of job opportunties. Britain’s technology industry is on the rise, seeing record investment of billions of pounds in 2017, despite the uncertainty of Brexit, whilst the sector itself continues to attract investors, entrepreneurs and experts in their field from many sectors to invent and innovate in one of the most diverse markets in the world.

If you are looking for your next sales role, here are some reasons that you should consider when entering a career in technical sales. We spoke to Natalie Tyler who specialises in Sales & Marketing recruitment. Natalie manages the careers of Sales, Marketing, Applications and Technical Support specialists across a broad variety of engineering and technical customers.

The sector is constantly evolving

“Can you think of another industry that has the best high-end cutting-edge technology? With millions of pounds of investment flowing into the sector, people are constantly developing new and enhanced products to improve their products and to ensure they are meeting the demands of today’s competitors and customers. There are hundreds of areas to choose from within the technology sector itself, from supplying products for automation, semiconductor, and high-technology components to electronic systems. It is remarkably diverse, so whether you are interested in defence and security, aerospace, telecoms, consumer, security, instrumentation or power generation, you can find a niche that both suits you and your interests,” says Scott.

Job satisfaction

Nothing is more satisfying than having the freedom to take control of your own career, and working in sales lets you do just that. From being able to set your own schedule, to working independently and travelling to visit customers on a regular basis across the UK or even Europe, you are solely responsible for your clients and the sale of your electronic components. You have the ability to create your own work-life balance, although you must ensure that you are disciplined with your workflow and meetings to be successful.

It’s versatile

Twenty years ago, the sales industry had bad press and sales people were frequently accused of being self-centred, egotistical and materialistic. Nevertheless, the sector has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years and has moved from being a disliked job role to an admired profession.

From identifying and establishing new business leads to maintaining client relationships, you will be expected to know everything about your industry of choice, as well as being able to prepare tenders, negotiate contracts and make sure your accounts are being kept up to date. You need to have a great knowledge for business, be able to use technology to connect with potential buyers, have great communication skills and be organised if you want to thrive, you will have a multitude of tasks to ensure you are constantly in demand.

Take control of your career

Not only is working in sales exciting, but it is also a great springboard from which to start your career in technology. An analysis of LinkedIn profiles shows that moving into the sales sector is the most common career transition to make, and indeed, it is a great opportunity to fully understand the product that you are selling, in order to gain valuable skills and experience in the technology industry.

In the technology sector, buyers tend to conduct their own research prior to meetings, which means that when they are negotiating a purchase, they are not looking for a sales pitch, as a strategic partner will have already advised them on the best way to leverage their product. By starting in technical sales, you will be gaining valuable experience that will serve you well, whichever career path you choose to pursue.

The benefits

As a technical salesperson, you will always be in demand. With 36% of companies planning to increase their sales roles over the next coming years- and with the technology and engineering sector growing exponentially, at a rate perhaps faster than any other sector in the UK- a good technical salesperson is an asset, and one that merits a good salary, especially given the range of skills you need to succeed. An average technical sales employee’s salary starts at approximately £37,500, but of course, the bonus comes from achieving a higher sales performance that you will gain as you progress in your technical sales career. Whilst the figure itself will increase with the more experience you have, technical sales roles at major IT and software brands such as Microsoft or IBM will provide much higher salaries ranging between £60-70,000.

Start searching for your sales career today

Whether you are interested in aerospace, defence, automation or any other high-technology sector, make a difference today by starting your career in Technical Sales. We go the extra mile to connect the best candidates with the most exciting sales jobs, so why not start by browsing our vacancies?

Redline has successfully helped manage the careers of the highest calibre technical sales candidates, giving our team a unique insight into the changing business environment in which our clients operate. To find out more about Sales and Marketing jobs, please contact Natalie Tyler on 01582 450054 or email