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How to recruit and retain the best software engineers

12/05/21 Lewis Phillips Senior Consultant, Electronics & Technology

In such a volatile labour market, hiring the best software engineers can be a challenging process. The demand and competition for technology professionals have been growing rapidly since the tech arena is disrupting many industries and markets – which means these roles have become much harder to fill. Given the rise of technology, there is no question that software engineers and developers have become valuable resources for a wide range of employers. But how can companies today recruit and retain the best software engineers? Read on to find out more. 

Understand the role

When it comes to hiring the right software engineer, you need to recognise what makes someone a talented engineer, which means you need to understand the brief, technical requirements, and characteristics required to succeed. Software engineers develop and design computer software and applications, as well as network control systems and customer-facing web pages. So, software engineers need to have a strong understanding of the relevant code, hardware knowledge, or database application, and how to test, verify and debug software. Like most professionals, the best software engineers have a real passion for their craft and a keen eye for quality.

Provide flexibility and autonomy

One of the best ways to recruit and retain the best software engineers is to create an autonomous and flexible working environment. This means hiring managers need to provide software engineers with the opportunity to lead different projects and work under their own initiative. Autonomy means enabling professionals to shape their work schedule, in an environment that’s built on trust, respect, and dependability. Giving software engineers greater autonomy in their work allows them to take full advantage of different frameworks and tools, and make use of any open-source software that’s available. So providing a level of freedom increases the chance of retainment.

Create a tech-driven culture

For companies to attract and retain the best software engineering talent, creating an engaging tech-driven culture is essential. It’s widely understood that a strong culture leads to higher levels of productivity and career development. A technology-driven organisation is a business that has embraced innovation, growth, and strategy for continual development. If you want to attract quality software engineers, you ideally need to have a technological foundation in place. There’s no doubt that modern companies must adapt and support tech-enabled transformations. Building a technology-driven culture is a great way to attract software engineers and ensure they stay at your company for the long haul.

Skills assessment

Assessing a software engineer’s programming and coding skills is an essential part of the interviewing process. That’s why creating a post-interview task can be a great way of seeing how the candidate might perform on the job. Coding tests are one of the most effective ways to assess a software engineer’s skills. It gives candidates a chance to solve real, practical problems that a company might encounter, enabling the hiring manager to measure their skills more efficiently. These tests can deliver an improved candidate experience and a way for software engineers to demonstrate their interest in the company and technology. With skills assessment, hiring managers can evaluate the competencies of a candidate and their level of proficiency at a particular task – which enhances the recruitment and decision-making process.

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