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SME’s in Technology – You deserve a better choice

The menu for recruitment services from external providers has provided limited fayre for many years with the choices seemingly limited to contingency and retained, whilst the needs of specific hiring projects throughout your organisation may very well require and deserve something different. 

Roles in senior management and director level positions in technology SME’s absolutely require and deserve the effort and endeavour of a comprehensive search programme.

However, the infrequent nature with which these roles arise in a smaller business means there may not be an appreciation of the true scope of choice on offer and what you should rightfully expect as an acceptable level of service. This can result in a wholly wrong service offering being provided.  

There are many that claim to offer a ‘search’ service but in reality it is little more than a search of their own, and a selection of available databases. So in reality you are getting is contingency level solution with perhaps a little more share of mind from your recruitment partner as they have convinced you to part with some up-front investment. It is an inevitable consequence of running an essentially contingency recruitment desk that you must spread bet your efforts, so what we see in reality is delivery of the ‘shortlist of least resistance’ and far from a true representation of the current and wider candidate pool.

By driving our own efficiencies by combining a mass of tacit knowledge gained over our 36 years in the sector with intuitive technology we can provide that true search undertaking, but with a cost structure that is simple, competitive, transparent and appropriate to your businesses needs. Additionally, our structure is substantially ‘success oriented’ ensuring the team are fully committed and motivated to delivering an outcome that ensures our mutual success.

Redline Executive are the industry-aligned key partner for C and D suite permanent and interim hiring assignments for the European Technology market. To find out more about our Executive Search Process you can download our Executive Search Brochure here.

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