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Should your engineering job be stressful?

Work can be stressful, right? It doesn’t have to be.

The best workplaces understand that too much negative stress can harm employee health and productivity.

Why are stress levels important in the workplace?

It's crucial to find a workplace that prioritises employee mental health and understands that managing stress levels is better for each employee – and their bottom line. Leading technology recruitment agencies like Redline stay on top of developments in workplace mental health and can help you find the right employer for your needs.

Why are engineering jobs considered stressful?

Though rewarding and fulfilling, engineering jobs have long been considered stressful role. You are often working under tight deadlines, sometimes away from home, with the pressure of complex, high-value projects riding on your performance.

Due to these reasons, there are still people out there who believe that harmful long-term stress levels are all part of a successful day’s work. They believe senior electronics engineers need to ‘grind’ and put in unnecessarily long hours to ‘do a good job.’

The cost of stress

In reality, this is an outdated mindset not supported by science. In fact, research shows that people are less productive when they feel chronically stressed out at work, costing the UK economy £28 billion each year. Instead, a good work-life balance and a reasonable workload are what drive success.

Successful engineering firms realise their employees deserve support and adequate training. The best places to work know that a healthy work-life balance and flexible working arrangements will improve their productivity, company reputation, and employee retention. Engineering recruiters like Redline can help you identify and apply to these organisations.

What can you do to minimise and avoid stress?

Experts agree that there are simple measures people can take to reduce the negative impacts of stress in the workplace. Electronics engineers can:

  1. Identify what you control: We often experience unhealthy amounts of stress when we feel out of control. Speak with your supervisor to ensure you understand what is expected and required in your role.

  2. Streamline your space: A busy, hectic, and constantly pinging work environment can derail your thoughts and lead you off-track. Ensure your desk is set up for success and turn off all unnecessary sounds and distractions.

  3. Set up your schedule for your needs: Everyone has their preferred working style. If you know that you are more productive in the morning and lethargic after lunch, set up your diary so you do your most challenging tasks when you first start your day.

  4. Speak with your manager: If you still feel like you are facing unrealistic deadlines and cannot complete everything in time, it’s time to speak with your supervisor / manager and tell them you’re struggling. What can be done in the workplace to ensure that no one is overloaded and under pressure? What support can they provide?

Why an engineering job can be good for your mental health

The best engineering jobs are always challenging, exciting – and yes, often slightly stressful. However, a certain amount of stress can be positive in your life - so-called positive stress can motivate and reward you. It doesn’t need to grind you down with anxiety and exhaustion – but it can give you that extra bit of ‘drive’ that you might need to advance your career as an electronics professional.

To harness your stress and transform it into a positive, experts say you need to flip the narrative. Instead of seeing your stress as a constant worry, think of it instead as a challenge that you have the specific skills to overcome. A healthy amount of stress can give your brain the edge it needs for productivity and creativity and improve your overall performance.

That is just one of the ways that your electronics career can be good for your mental health. You have the experience and skill set to do a wonderful job, and each time you harness your stress and complete a project, you will build your confidence and resilience.

Finding the right role is key

Not every workplace is created equal. Some organisations have deep-seated issues with their culture and expect their employees to work unreasonable hours with little reward. You deserve to work for a company that prioritises employee mental health and well-being while including you in rewarding and challenging projects.

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