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A helping hand in achieving Industry 4.0

Whilst many of our clients are highly advanced in the digitisation of their technology and / or their business, there are also many in the SME space that whilst appreciating there is almost certainly a benefit to be derived from digitisation – they are somewhat all at sea to know what it might be.

I have worked with several businesses in the last couple of years that have a common thread in that they have a substantive installed base of technology stretching back years, or even decades.


They keep reading about and hearing about digitisation and the near-revolutionary business opportunity, enhanced user experience and differentiation opportunities it could deliver into their business. But it is bewildering, full of its own vernacular and esoteric.

I have on many occasions disappeared down the rabbit-hole of digitisation speak and at the end of the conversation am still left with the need to ask ‘yes, but what does it actually do – and what is the value proposition’. Like most things – if communicated effectively, it is entirely understandable. But therein is another challenge. Sometimes even the people that are advanced in this field, can struggle to create a marketing message that leaves the reader more enlightened and less confused. And the irony? - that it is a good old-fashioned conversation that needs to be had, to better grasp the very latest advances in technology.

If you have run what has been to date, a more traditional product-led business it is no criticism at all to suggest that you don’t know what you don’t know. What is required is knowledge, experience and plain speaking. There are always more things you can be doing and indeed layers of uptake that you can consider. The right partner, expert, employee can take you through that in plain speak, debunk the mystery and start the journey.

If any of the above resonates with you, give me a call as I would be delighted to discuss how we might help your business connect with the right skills and knowledge that will help future-proof your organisation.

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