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As the talent shortage continues, organisations must transform recruitment strategies and processes to attract and secure the best talent. 

Employers need to shift their focus and possibly modify the way they operate to secure their talent pipeline. This can be achieved by redesigning existing work procedures, offering flexible or virtual work arrangements or leveraging contingent workers. Adopting new people practices including providing additional training and development to existing staff can also help.

Some of Redline’s clients have redefined their qualifying criteria to include candidates who lacked some of the previously required skills or formal qualifications for a particular job role, but have the potential to acquire them. Managers should genuinely consider hiring candidates who don’t tick 100% of the ‘perfect’ skills list, but do possess the attitude and ability to bridge the gap - hire attitude, train skills. 

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Redline offer knowledge-led, tailor-made recruitment programmes to suit clients’ specific needs. We adopt a ‘partnership’ approach to ensure a detailed understanding of clients’ objectives and requirements. For more information regarding how we can help your business, please contact David Collins on 01582 878804 or email