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To ensure hiring success, set the objectives and strategy and align your recruitment process.

Move quickly, timing is everything. The sooner you can get an offer out, the better. Top talent will not wait. Recent industry studies showed that 63% of job offers happen within 2-4 weeks of the first interview. If your company takes longer than that to complete the hiring process, you may be missing out on candidates

There are other considerations which aid talent attraction, many of which go beyond monetary value; they’re directly related to your employer branding strategy. While you may increase budgeting to enhance these qualities, some aspects may require changes to your company culture and practices to increase your appeal as an employer. Learning to offer things that will affect the work/life balance of employees goes a long way in determining the strength of your culture and business.

Redline offer knowledge-led, tailor-made recruitment programmes to suit clients’ specific needs. We adopt a ‘partnership’ approach to ensure a detailed understanding of clients’ objectives and requirements. For more information regarding how we can help your business, please contact David Collins on 01582 878804 or email