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If it's not the Candidate, could it be YOU?

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Securing Talent in the Candidate-Driven Technology Sector

Learn what the current employment sector means for your business and how to secure, attract and retain the most talented professionals in 2019 and beyond.

We’ve just updated our research and compiled a new report highlighting ‘Why Candidates decline offers”. Full employment markets can be tough on businesses and the 2019/2020 hiring market highlights the ongoing war for talent. Many of the most talented are often attracting multiple job offers – our research may help them accept your offer.

Do Declinations matter?

September’s ONS figures show a record number of people in work, and a high levels of open vacancies. With low unemployment (and its effect is felt even more in the technology sector) it’s VITAL to ensure that when you find the right candidate, they accept your offer. 

Organisations that want to attract & secure outstanding candidates may consider adapting their approach and processes to achieve the highest possible acceptance ratio. 

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