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What are the primary responsibilities of an Operations Director?

An Operations Director is a senior role which involves overseeing the production of goods and/or provision of services.

It’s an Operations Director's job to make sure an organisation is running as well as it possibly can, with a smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients.

Classically in technology led businesses, the Operations Director is fundamentally responsible for manufacturing or production but the remit can spread across Supply Chain, Logistics, Facilities and Human Resources. 

Duties of the Operations Director include, but are not limited to;

  • Development and implementation of strategies to maximise manufacturing and business efficiencies including delivering improvements in Safety, Quality, On Time Delivery, Lead Time, and Productivity 
  • Lead lean manufacturing activities and a culture of continuous improvement in line with the strategic goals, KPI objectives and corresponding plans. 
  • Selection and deployment of operational improvement tools in order to deliver improved performance, e.g. 5S, Standard Work, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping etc.  
  • Provide leadership for and act as the responsible person for Environmental, Health & Safety, ensure the appropriate focus is placed on EHS issues.
  • Continuously challenge, identify, and act on opportunities for improvement and cost reduction assist the business in creating value both internally and for the customer base.
  • Schedule and plan work through production. 
  • Define and implement the Company’s Quality Management Systems. 
  • Maintain company KPI's and ensure targets flow up / down from the shop floor to business leadership; deploy an effective and user owned Visual Management System.  Utilisation of  operational metrics to root cause analyse problems.
  • Participate in and provide input at every stage of the New Product Introduction process to ensure efficient and cost effective manufacturing is possible.


An Operations Director will most times have risen through Production, Manufacturing or Cell Management. Whilst equipped with a pertinent degree they will have an extensive range of formally taught capabilities to reflect the ever-evolving range of tools and methodologies in the technical operations space.

Whilst a senior leadership role, Operations Directors (perhaps more than their peer group) tend to be very adept at communication across the organisation – from shop floor to board.

To be effective, Operations Directors have a keen eye for data and detail driving results and demonstrable outcomes through an extensive array of key metrics. 

What are the salary expectations of an Operations Director?

Whilst it will be largely dependent on the size of organisation and therefore remit, Operations Director’s salaries typically range from £65K to £150K often times with further incentives ties to saving and efficiencies. 

Should you need assistance to identify and recruit a Operations Director then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Executive team on 01582 450054. 

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