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Example’s of CEST Tool’s Questions

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In order for the CEST tool to determine the most accurate result, the individual conducting the assessment will understand the following:

  • Whether the worker or their business performs ‘office-holder’ duties for their client (i.e. as a director, shareholder, or some other statutory role)
  • If Substitution exists in the arrangement – such as whether the worker is able to send someone in their place
  • Whether the client can move the contractor to a different task with or without the contractor’s agreement (part of Supervision, Direction or Control)
  • If the client has any say in how the contractor carries out the work (also SDC)
  • If the client has a say in the contractor’s schedule of working hours
  • Whether the contractor is obligated to fix any of the work the end-client is unsatisfied with, and who bears the cost
  • Whether the contractor can choose where they work or if there is some flexibility

Before you consider using the CEST tool or alternatives to check a worker’s employment status, you will need to know the following:

  • The worker’s responsibilities
  • Who decides what work needs doing
  • Who decides when, where and how the work’s done
  • How the worker will be paid
  • If the engagement includes any benefits or reimbursement for expenses

You should choose answers that best match the usual working practices of the engagement.

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