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Since the inception of DiGiCo in 2002 they have developed a simple systems approach to products. Now part of Audiotonix which includes DiGiCo, Calrec and Allen & Heath this ethos still applies today. When the professional audio world first set eyes on the DiGiCo D5 Live there was a collective sharp intake of breath. Here was the digital mixing console that gave you the best of analogue working practices and audio finesse with all the versatility and feature richness that the digital environment could offer.

A decade on, the SD Series is the new standard setter and its fast, engineer friendly user interface has yet to be beaten. And to many engineers it continues to offer the optimum sonic combination of analogue smoothness and digital clarity. But expectations continue to rise. In a world as competitive for engineers as it is for console owners, you want the best tools you can lay your hands on. You also want a console as well thought out for every major application as it is designed for the art and science of sound engineering.


DiGiCo has always been ahead of its time, basing the D5 around a powerful DSP engine using proven Soundtracs hardware and software, but with features dedicated to live sound mixing, it created the world's first truly open-ended console system. This design philosophy has continued through the intervening years and has seen the addition of an entire range of products within the acclaimed D Series range.

Using a single Super FPGA [Field Programmable Gate Array], the new SD Series combines this single chip technology with the new Tiger SHARC to produce our trademarked Stealth digital processing. With eight times more power than the already incredibly powerful D5, this makes the SD Series the most powerful digital audio solution available.

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