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Chief People Officer

What are the primary responsibilities of a Chief People Officer – CPO?

The chief people officer (CPO) is responsible for developing and executing human resource strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization, specifically in the areas of succession planning, talent management, change management, organizational and performance management, training and development, and compensation. The CPO provides strategic leadership by articulating HR needs and plans to the executive management team, shareholders and the board of directors.

Duties of the Chief People Officer include, but are not limited to;

  • Establish and implement HR efforts that effectively communicate and support the firm's mission and strategic vision.
  • Develop HR plans and strategies to support the achievement of the overall business operations objectives.
  • Function as a strategic business advisor to the executive/senior management of each business unit or specialty group regarding key organizational and management issues.
  • Work with the firm's executive management to establish a sound plan of management succession that corresponds to the strategy and objectives of the firm. 
  • Develop comprehensive strategic recruiting and retention plans to meet the human capital needs of strategic goals.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive compensation and benefits plans that are competitive and cost-effective for the firm.
  • Provide overall leadership and guidance to the HR function by overseeing talent acquisition, career development, succession planning, retention, training, leadership development, compensation and benefits globally. 


An Executive MBA supported by a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. Depending on location there are numerous accreditations available such as Membership of the CIPD.

Upwards of 15 years in Human Resource Management with 5+ years in an executive leadership capacity.

What are the salary expectations of a Chief People Officer?

A few factors such as the maturity and size of the business will have a bearing but in broad terms a CTO will command a salary of between £120K - £180K with an attractive STIP and LTIP along with some form of equity participation in the business.

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