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Attracting Talent in Today's Contract & Interim Recruitment Sector

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A big advantage to hiring a contractor is the ability to bring in an expert with a specific skill set right when it is needed. Today, contractors continue to be vital to the UK economy as they represent niche talent and are constantly upskilling as they move from job to job providing critical resources to companies.

In the next 12 months it is expected that 1.6 million UK businesses will hire contract or temporary staff. With qualified talent becoming harder to find, flexible recruitment strategies have taken centre stage as the best way to achieve the ambitious growth targets that many UK business leaders have predicted for 2019.

The cost of hiring a contractor can often seem expensive but due to not paying the hidden costs of the benefits associated with a permanent employee, you may save up to 30% by hiring contract and interim workers (Financial Times).

To get maximum benefit from a flexible recruitment strategy, business leaders will need to act with pace and purpose. Here are some expert tips on the best process for hiring temporary employees:


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